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The Fact Book is compiled by the Office of Institutional Research with the assistance and input of various other offices.  The purpose of the Fact Book is to serve as a ready reference which provides a point-in-time picture of Texas Christian University.

Data based on the Fall 2020 statistics have been combined and supplemented with historical data in each area. All data (except financial data) are compiled on the twelfth class day, September 1, 2020, and are comparable from year-to-year; however, changes in methods of calculation may have occurred. Footnotes on specific charts/tables call attention to substantive changes. Financial data are based on the fiscal year ended May 31, 2020. Student Right-to-Know information can be found at


Should you have questions or recommendations, contact the Office of Institutional Research, Mary Couts Burnett Library, Suite 1160, TCU Box 297020, Ext. 7475.


Classification & Accreditations

Click on the thumbnail to see TCU's Carnegie Classification, Accrediting Body and Program-related Accreditations

  Classification & Accreditations

Quick Reference

Click on the thumbnail for a quick reference sheet suitable for printing with basic key facts: headcounts, student full-time equivalent (f.t.e.), credit hours, entering student headcount, limited student demographics, degrees awarded, retention, percent living on campus, faculty counts, investments and revenues, and cost of attendance.

  Quick Reference

Entering Student Data

Click on the thumbnail to explore application, admission, and yield rates, applicant state or country, gender, ethnicity, and initial major. Entering student data includes data on first-time-in-college and transfer students and applicants.

  Applicant and Admission Data

Student Data (All Students)

Click on the thumbnail to learn more about TCU's students: age, gender, ethnicity, citizenship, US home residence, on-campus housing, religious preference, and sports available.

  Student Data

Academic Program Data

Click on the thumbnail to explore academic program data including unduplicated enrollments, enrollments by area of study (a duplicated headcount), degrees awarded for the prior academic year, second majors completed, baccalaureate GPA, top ten majors of bacalaureate graduates, retention and graduation rates, areas of study and degrees offered, and TCU sponsored centers and institutes.

  Academic Program Data

Course Data

Click on the thumbnail to examine credit hours, class size and course enrollments by college, department, and major.

  Course Data

Faculty & Staff Data

Click on the thumbnail to learn more about faculty and staff data. With the exception of the student-to-faculty ratio and budgeted and filled positions by job classification, the faculty data reported in the Fact Book reflect full-time faculty only and include data on faculty salaries and AAUP comparisons, and full-time faculty appointments (gender, age, ethnicity, rank, tenure status).

  FAculty & Staff Data

Fiscal & Physical Data

Click on the thumbnail to explore fiscal and physical data in more detail. Fiscal data are reported as of the end of the fiscal year, May 31, 2018 and include audited operating revenues and expenditures, total investments, and voluntary support. Cost of attendance data reflect the cost of attendance for the current academic year. Library holdings and building square footage comprise the physical component of this section.

  Fiscal_Physical Data

Definitions & F.T.E. Formulas

Click on the thumbnail to see Fact Book term definitions and full-time equivalent (F.T.E.) formulas.

  Definitions and F.T.E. Formulas