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2011 Fact Book


Classification & Accreditations Quick Reference Entering First-Year Data Student Data Academic Program Data Faculty & Staff Data Fiscal & Physical Data Definitions, F.T.E. Formulas


The Fact Book is compiled by the Office of Institutional Research with the assistance and input of various other offices.  The purpose of the Fact Book is to serve as a ready reference which provides a point-in-time picture of Texas Christian University.


The information included in the Fact Book is organized into six major data areas:  Entering First-Year, Students, Academic Programs,  Faculty and Staff, Financial Resources, and Physical Facilities.  Data based on the Fall 2011 statistics have been combined and supplemented with historical data in each area.  While most summaries are based on Fall statistics, some are based on the fiscal year ended May 31, 2011.  Student Right-to-Know information, formerly included in the Fact Book, can now be found at


All data are compiled on the twelfth class day (9/7/2011) and are comparable from year-to-year; however, changes in methods of calculation may have occurred.  Footnotes on specific tables call attention to substantive changes.


Should you have questions or recommendations, contact the Office of Institutional Research, Library Suite B-17, TCU Box 297020, Ext. 7793.